Details - OCT 010 Octopus lll

OCT 010   Octopus lll
OCT 010 Octopus lll

Part No: TVD 025


OCT 010 Octopus lll

Octopus III Board has 8 positions for driving servos between two positions and 8 inputs for fascia controllers (see below) or toggle switches. Octopus III uses the remote board (below) to align the servos and has automated endpoint adjustment as well as full manual control. Ideal for use with miniature servos and the servo mounting kit (available here). Power with 7.5-24V filtered DC (do not use AC and please do not use old "powerpacks" - they are not filtered). Octopus III has a built-in switching power supply for high efficiency and greater range. You should budget 1 Amp per board with 1 Amp overhead (for when the servos are driving to new positions). So 3 ocotos should have a 4 Amp poewr supply. Board is 2.5" x 1.9" in size.

$AUD 65.00

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