Details - ZoneMaster, SZB7 Single Zone Booster

ZoneMaster, SZB7 Single Zone Booster
ZoneMaster, SZB7 Single Zone Booster

Part No: CVP 003


ZoneMaster, SZB7 Single Zone Booster

7 Amps with a 30 Amp Surge Capacity.

The ZoneMaster family of track boosters provide the power to drive your trains. They offer many exciting and easy to use capabilities as standard features. The ZoneMaster Single Booster and the DCPS120 matching power supply are always included with all starter systems.

CVP Products’ ZoneMaster Boosters provide unsurpassed power capacity suitable for the unusually high current surges of sound decoders. Single And Dual Outputs - The Single-Zone ZoneMaster has a single output delivering maximum current available.

 The ZoneMaster boosters provide 7 Amps of continuous output current, providing plenty of power for your layouts decoder fleet. Simple Setup - There is absolutely no programming needed since all options are selected using the convenient front panel selector switches.

Universal Input - All ZoneMaster boosters offer either the standard EASYDCC control signal input or an isolated optical input suitable. The opto-isolated input is sometimes needed for some types of track detectors.

30 Amps Surge Current - The ZoneMaster boosters will provide up to 30 Amps of surge current capacity. It’s the dirty little secret of sound decoders - when a sound decoder is first powered up, the inrush surge current can exceed 30 Amps. If your layout has lots of sound equipped locomotives,

ZoneMaster boosters easily handle the surge to reliably operate these locomotives without tripping the short circuit protection. No specific sound-decoder brands are mentioned simply because they all have the same problem when compared to a regular motion-only decoder.

Fully Protected - ZoneMaster’s output circuitry is fully protected against short circuits, overloads and overheating. If a derailment occurs, the affected zone shuts down without affecting other zones. This is the perfect solution for both small and large layouts. If the short circuit protection is tripped, the alarm sounds and the built-in fault indicators show which zone has been tripped.

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